"a new world retail platform set to change the way you see and experience Brisbane"


This revolutionary creative marketplace  rolls novel tech, on-line and physical retail and new marketing and production techniques into one big surprise package.

Access to customer analytics, market intelligence and creative business support will make it easier for MadeInBrisVegas™  artisans, designers and tourism operators to scale their products and build sustainable , profitable business.


MadeinBrisVegas™ Guests 

  • you are one of Brisbane’s 2.3 million residents looking to source incredible goods and experiences proudly MadeInBrisVegas™
  • you are  one of the 2.7 million visitors who come to visit Brisbane friends and relos each year enjoying uniquely MadeInBrisVegas™ experiences and products

  • you are a Chinese 'Free and Independent Traveller'  in search of something uniquely MadeInBrisVegas™ for yourself or your loved ones


MadeInBrisVegas™ Community

  • you are based within a 35 km radius of Brisbane City Hall
  • you are an emerging or established artisan or designer creating high quality work for a consumer audience
  • you are interested in scaling your work  and exploring short-run manufacture or piecework of your products
  • you would like creative business support and training 


Creative entrepreneurs, Anna Stephenson and Ann Houston first started hatching this idea back in early 2016.