MadeInBrisVegas™ is like a creative TARDIS, an immersive creative retail ‘experience’ that’s agile, edgy and really, really interesting...

MadeInBrisVegas™ is designed to connect visitors to a revolutionary creative retail ‘experience’ that’s agile, edgy and really, really interesting and something  you can't even imagine.


MadeInBrisVegas Online

plan brisvegas

Build and book unique  Brisbane experiences that reflect who you truly are and makes you happy.


taste BrisVegas

Start exploring MadeInBrisVegas™  wherever you are on your mobile, tablet or your laptop .


Give BrisVegas

Explore, experiment and even co-create your own bespoke works with Brisbane’s designers and artisans using our interactive BrisVegas interface.


Our interactive MadeinBrisVegas™ interface curates a whole collection of things and experiences especially for you because we know your time is precious and you want to be out sharing Brisbane not stuck on your phone or tablet.



Discover the MadeInBrisVegas™  ‘pop-up’ store full of colour, touch, sound and smell. 

For a rich physical experience, you are in Brisbane, Shanghai or maybe even watching the Commonwealth Games live.

In the very near future you might be strapping on your VR (virtual reality) headset ready to deep dive into wild and creative experiences that will change the way you see Brisbane.