Introducing the MadeInBrisVegas Team


Team BrisVegas

Like our idea, we are fresh and entrepreneurial, always willing to explore and embrace new technologies, business and cultural paradigms.

Anna Stephenson, MadeInBrisVegas Co-founder 

Anna Stephenson

"a creative and original ‘imagineer’ who's been bringing new ideas joyfully to life for over 20 years"

Anna is a creative and original ‘imagineer’ who has been bringing new ideas to life for over 20 years.  Her meticulous mind for design, vision and engagement of the senses have created rich and authentic experiences that live on long in people’s memories.  This is what ultimately brings her joy.

Anna is a social innovator, long driven by the vitality and energy generated by the arts and creativity around the world. 


She has a deep fascination for virtual reality and its power to transform people's perceptions of themselves and life.


She has a solid background in nurturing and building creative economies, cultural tourism products; and conducting research, marketing and human-centred innovation in New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria and now Queensland.


Her research into the impact of creative economies around the world has helped Anna understand their huge contribution  to building meaning in our lives. Living and working in Tasmania, made her alive to the transformative power of David Walsh’s Museum of Old and New Art, largely responsible for positioning  Hobart as the third most visited Australian domestic destination after Sydney and Melbourne.


The jury is out as to whether ‘eclectic’ adopted Anna or Anna adopted ‘eclectic. Either way, her agile and relentlessly curious mind has explored the fields of marketing and communication, tourism, farming, research, transport and logistics, business, yogic philosophy and spirituality, song and musical performance.


Ann Houston, MadeInBrisVegas Co-founder -

Ann Houston

"a pretty amazing and creative chick with spades of talent "

A lifelong passion for the arts and creative practice and a 30 year grounding in advising, managing and owning her own businesses, this is the very special sauce Ann brings to MadeinBrisVegas™.


No stranger to deeply practical and highly creative results, Ann has a wealth of experience spanning different industries including: agriculture, hospitality, education, training and business services. This unique blend of highly ‘practical-capable’ and lateral thinking means she’s really awesome working between creatives and manufacturers, cutting deals and building innovative workable business solutions.


She’s been teacher, a trainer, an award-winning restauranteur and a farmer in north western New South Wales. Currently, she a successful management consultant who also consults nationally to not-for–profit organisations on governance.


That’s the formal bit… what you really need to know about Ann is she's a cosmopolitan and a voracious world traveller, inspired by creativity and humanity wherever she goes. She is a true cultural explorer in all senses of the word. Ann has the most amazing ability to connect with people from all walks of life, helping 1000s of people rediscover meaning, purpose and belonging.


Sarah Lindsay  & Josh Crossin, LXN Architecture & Consulting

Sarah Lindsay  & Josh Crossin, LXN Architecture & Consulting

LXN Architecture & Consulting

"the first and last studio MadeInBrisVegas™ wanted to partner with to birth the revolutionary MadeInBrisVegas™ retail concept"

LXN is an emerging Architecture and Design Studio operating in South East Queensland and Tasmania.

They specialise in contemporary and unique small to medium scale retail, commercial, and residential projects including the design and installation of a series of pop retail stores for Australian on-line success story, Fame & Partners in the US and Australia.


LXN is the first and last studio MadeInBrisVegas™ co-founder, Anna Stephenson wanted to to birth the revolutionary MadeInBrisVegas™ retail concept.


A long held admiration for LXN, its approach, and its principals, Sarah Lindsay and Josh Crossin grew out of a collaboration that resulted in radical new approach to greeting the 1.6 million visitors entering Tasmania through Launceston Airport.


This admiration has fuelled the imagining and development of the MadeInBrisVegas™ concept - a new omni-platform retail experience that uniquely expresses Brisbane’s creative personality and style. LXN has bought their unique understanding of customer experience and brand communication to ignite the MadeInBrisVegas™ concept.


Ann and Anna are thrilled to partner with LXN.