For BrisVegas Creators


For BrisVegas Creators & Operators 

Why MadeinBrisVegas needs to be on your radar

"our whole reason for being is to deliver magical experiences that feature you, the way you work and your product…engaging new audiences in new and novel ways"

We know that many of people who might like to buy your products are hooked on tech.

This is why the MadeInBrisVegas™ model will be very tech and very, very cool.


new markets hooked on tech

Make no mistake, MadeInBrisVegas™ is about connecting the Brisbane's millions of domestic and international visitors annually to Brisbane's unique 'stuff’ , its personality and style .  


We know that a big percentage of Brisbane's visitors use digital tools to research, plan, book, explore , buy and share their experiences and purchases across social media into their tribes and territories.


That's why we have chosen to use novel tech and gaming platforms for what they're really good for; engaging people,  getting them involved and excited and turning them onto new cultural and environmental experiences and products in ways they could never have imagined.


Visiting Friends & Relatives

A record 2.7 million people visited their 2.3 million Brisbane friends and relatives last year. That's 400,000 more than the whole population of Brisbane .  


Chinese Free & Independent Travellers

China is now Brisbane's biggest international market with more than 155,000 Chinese choosing Brisbane as their holiday destination in 2016 and visitor numbers are growing at a phenomenal 50%  annually.


growing brisbane's creative community

MadeInBrisVegas™ is committed to working with individuals and organisations to grow Brisbane's creative community. We want to nurture anew collaborative movement that links BrisVegas’ creatives, manufacturers, tourism operators and product developers.  


Support to scale

MadeInBrisVegas ™ is busy building a new kind of business system to help creative enterprises and tourism operators to scale your product and your creative business to:

  • access and make sense of the latest in market intelligence and trends
  • help you sell more product using our customer analytics and feedback loops
  • provide you with practical ‘hands-on’ training to grow your creative business
  • offer backend business support and admin
  • help you automate parts of your production process or negotiate and outsource full -scale short- run manufacture, naturally…MadeInBrisVegas™


The Future is Now

Our  team is busy building collaborations with creative businesses, tourism operators and key Brisbane organisations. We are designing customer experiences that will engage, wow and prompt visitors to spend on locally made product.


Stage 1

Later this year, we'll launch MadeInBrisVegas™ onto an unsuspecting visitor and resident market. We'll be offering an online experience that harnesses novel gaming and product matching software to deliver customised unique to each individual visiting our revolution in creative retail, the MadeInBrisVegas website.


Stage 2

And next year, we plan to launch the MadeInBrisVegas™ immersive retail pop-up just in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Imagine a creative 'TARDIS' capable of transporting you through time and space into a virtual world full of experiences made right here in BrisVegas.